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Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper Community Revitalization

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The Project for Public Spaces is a constant inspiration to me for many reasons – not the least, their focus on lighter, quicker, cheaper ways to change the face of a community for the better.  As my friends in Connecticut and New York explore these ideas, I was inspired to think up some exemplary actions that can be carried out for little or no money:

  1. 1. bike lending station
  2. 2. community garden plot
  3. 3. community media like Kingston’s “Dreamers and Doers” newsletter and local talk radio
  4. 4. portable marketplace kiosk to test new eco-products, from scooters to personal mess-kits for takeout food
  5. 5. block party
  6. 6. community toolshed
  7. 7. Paint It!   Day
  8. 8. rain garden workshop and hands-on installation event
  9. 9. bike map  (paths, racks, etc.)
  10. 10. Walking tours highlighting cool neighborhoods, buildings, issues, with local experts
  11. 11. communitywide yard sale
  12. 12. eat local week
  13. 13. local artists and authors event
  14. 14. sporting amenities – movable basketball hoop, volleyball net + balls – at public centers like the library, for instant setup
  15. 15. pedicab service
  16. 16. Seed and plant sale/ swap
  17. 17. publish a local food/ chefs cookbook and host community dinners to showcase the highlights
  18.  Historical performance:  John Burroughs or Sojourner Truth, your local historic figures profiled by local actors
  19.  Asset mapping event:  what’s cool in our community and how could it contribute more to quality of life
  20.  Theme party – e.g. outrageous hat party, Rooftop Night
  21. Beam in the Metropolitan Opera (available to local theatres)
  22.  Movable feast
  23.  Imagine our future:  world cafe gathering
  24.  Butterfly garden/ backyard habitat workshop
  25.  Stargazing nights
  26.  Set up a “creative complex” of shipping containers big enough to make office/ studio spaces for a design team that can work with neighborhood groups on making their parts of town more beautiful, multi-purpose and people-friendly; include maker space and tool lending library and materials exchange
  27.  A local investment workshop with community activists and entrepreneurs, and bankers/ investors/ philanthropists
  28.  Simple hospitality center with a no-fee ATM, healthy food vending machine, bike racks and public seating near transit, sponsored by local banks
  29.  A mapping kiosk with easy mapping software, where people can lay out their visions for the community choosing specific parameters for change, then annotate, bookmark, save and share their maps.
  30. 30.  Clothing swaps

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January 24, 2013 at 1:06 am

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