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“Possibly the most visionary and integrated body of work in career development literature today…Making a Living While Making a Difference is an enormous contribution to the field.”

— Ande Diaz, Author, The Harvard College Guide to Careers in Public Service

“Melissa Everett is a unique career advisor. If I could have only one book in my career library, Making a Living While Making a Difference would be it.”
— Kevin Doyle, editor of The Complete Guide to Environmental Careers for the 21st Century

“How many career books have you crying wonderful, cleansing tears of joy? In Making a Living While Making a Difference,  Melissa Everett seamlessly and passionately weaves together life stories, earth stories, powerful techniques, and essential resources so that we see ourselves described and validated, find a vast, hope-giving network of people and organizations everywhere that are living out their deepest values and visions and making real positive differences. Reading it will rock your world, and set you well on the way to rocking the world for the better.”
— Matt Nicodemus, Executive Director, Graduation Pledge Alliance Asia Regional Center

“Melissa got to the heart of the challenge of sustainable development, showcasing practical models to help build the groundswell for real change. Her presentation was well attended and well received.”
— Tony Lisanti, Organizer, Clarkstown NY Environmental Summit

“Melissa is a dynamic, energetic speaker who captivates an audience by providing real-world examples and a coherent framework that applies to anyone. Her passion shines through. When I listened to her speak, everything clicked. I knew exactly what I needed to do.”
— Annalise Stack, student, Green Mountain College MBA program

“Melissa’s keynote presentation was a highlight of our conference day, according to quite a few participants. She provided a great blend of perspective and inspiration for our very diverse, somewhat jaded audience of employment and training professionals.”
— Tom Bregman, co-producer, Hudson Valley Green Economy conference


Written by melissaeverett

August 21, 2011 at 8:55 pm

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